Tree trimming process underway in Lafayette

The Hub City has seen quite a few long standing trees receive some cosmetic surgery over the past few weeks.

Although the tree trimming process is a precaution used to maintaining the flow of electricity during inclement weather, some residents believe it causes more than just an eyesore to the neighborhood.

Director of Utilities at LUS, Terry Huval says, “The biggest cause of electrical outages are trees.” Jody Aycock, a resident of White Subdivision says “part of the reason that everyone moved to this neighborhood that are residents now is because of the beauty of the neighborhood, a lot of beauty is because of the trees we have in our neighborhood. The severe pruning that's taking place in our neighborhood right now has diminished the beauty and also in a direct way diminished the property values

Tree trimming takes place year round, workers tend to reach each trimming area once every five years. The purpose is understood but it's what one home owner refers to as “excessive pruning” that raises concern.

Huval says “naturally, when you're going to be trimming that much in that period of time to make it last that long, it's going to be some substantial trimming done. What we're very careful about is that we don't disturb the health of the tree while at the same time providing adequate clearance of branches from the lines.”

Huval says since the mid 60's every new development has underground powerlines. As for the older subdivisions, the tree trimming will continue in efforts to avoid a loss in service.

“LUS has the most reliable utilities system in the state. We have the least amount of outages and the shortest outages and a big reason for that is because we have a very aggressive but prudent tree trimming program” Huval told News Ten.

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