Vermilion Parish animal shelter update

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There are a lot of changes coming to the Vermilion Parish Rabies Control Center.  It's following an outcry from the community. Particularly animal rescue groups who say the kill rate is too high and their many efforts to help have been stalled.

Following an impromptu meeting earlier this week, the Vermilion Parish Police Jury halted euthanasia until further notice.

And the jury also overruled the shelter director's order banning the pulling of animals. This morning, two dogs in the area were rescued by “Animal Aid for Vermilion Area”.

Since these changes they say they've rescued more animals than they normally do a sure sign of progress.

“I think so. I think the communication has been really good and I think it will only get better as we work through the kinks in the system and find what works for everybody” says Animal Aid volunteer Rebecca Koop.

AAVA rescued a white lab named “girl who will seek care in Baton Rouge until she's adopted.

And the other dog, “Caroline”, found on the street Friday and named after our own news ten's Caroline Balchunas will stay in foster care until she's adoptable.

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