UL tourney draw provides “Boost” to economy

The Ragin' Cajuns are heading to the big dance; we're talking about the NCAA National Championship Tournament. That type of exposure for a university can have an impact on any economy.

Last year over 175 million people tuned into the NCAA championship game. With the Cajuns performing on such a big stage, of course it does great things for the university's image and recruiting but, how does it affect our economy right here in Lafayette?

“UL's entry into the NCAA tournament is a huge boost. Obviously there's going to be an immediate turn boost in terms of the recognition that UL gets and the recognition the Lafayette area gets as a result of the teams success” said, Jason El Koubi, President of the Greater Lafayette Chamber.

The chamber's primary role is to talk about the business environment in Acadiana and why it makes an attractive investment opportunity, with the University's success, their jobs are much easier. “Obviously having a great university with strong athletic programs and strong academic programs is a big part of that” said El Koubi.

El Koubi says we can expect a growth in economy on behalf of the university, “whenever a university has a strong athletic team that's in the national spotlight particularly in football and basketball you do see an economic boost. Some of that comes from the increase of merchandise sales and obviously there's an increase in the University.” With that interest comes an increase of quantity and quality of applications from prospective students.

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