AMIkids program recognized by parent

A Lafayette father shared words of pride and gratitude with the parish school board about the AMIkids program at N.P. Moss Prep. Ray Thompson says his son has changed for the better because of AMIkids.
The Lafayette Parish School Board got a glimpse of what students experience in the AMIkids program at NP Moss Prep.
A familiar sound to the son of Ray Thompson. Thompson told the board the instructors within AMIkids changed his 15 year-old son Tyrese; who he says was misbehaving in school and at home. “I go and visit and pop in at times. I stand in the back and watch them perform.  It was amazing to see the job that they were doing and I commend them on that,” says Tyrese's father.
Thompson wants to see the program continue and be there for other kids like his own. “His attitude has totally changed he comes home and do chores.  Go to bed on time and not giving us trouble.  And just a whole different ball game since AMIkids,” says Thompson.
AMIkids board chair Jerry Prejean attended the school board meeting to help introduce the Thompson's. “It's somewhat of a tough love kind of approach. Besides teaching them book skills they also teach them life skills and how to make proper choices,” explains Prejean.
“They showed me and told me that anybody can do anything,” says Tyrese to the school board.
Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper says AMIkids is currently funded by four different parish entities: the school district, the Lafayette City-Parish government, the Sheriff's Department and the Lafayette Parish District Attorney's Office.

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