First comes Spring, then comes allergies

Springtime is finally here and as we look forward to the warm weather and blooming plants, some of us may need to be preparing for seasonal allergies.

As of 11:57 Thursday morning, it's officially springtime. Unfortunately for some, that means seasonal allergies are here and in full effect in our region.

Allergy patient, Lindsey Budden tells News Ten “I do love the weather! It's beautiful outside but unfortunately my allergies will start to kick in with all the pollen.”

According to Dr. Brent Prather of Prather Pediatric Asthma and Allergy Center we can certainly expect high volumes of pollen due to our abundant Oak Tree population in the area. “Our beautiful Live Oaks that are everywhere put out huge amounts of pollen. Not just Oaks but every other tree adds to the burden if you have tree pollen allergy and a lot of people do in the spring” said Dr. Prather.

Only hours into the spring season, doctors are already dealing with the affects of Springtime allergies. “Today is the first day of spring and we're already seen more asthma, more hay fever, more sinusitis, more eczema. All the classic allergies are already ramping up!”

Staying healthy is solely up to you. Prather says, through his experience nasal sprays actually work best.

“Remember to spray away from the media wall, that's important. If you spray medially you can cause a nosebleed so that lateral spray is important and always will your nose first” said Prather.

Dr. Prather adds that the key to surviving allergy season is not waiting until your sick but staying ahead of the curve. Be sure to stay on your meds or see your doctor to identify your allergies so they can be treated.

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