Bill aims to label speed trap signs

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If you've ever driven through Vermilion Parish by way of the village of Maurice you know the speed limit changes rapidly. And that's created reputation that Maurice is known for speed traps.

But the mayor of Maurice, Wayne Theriot says it's one big misconception. And a proposed legislative bill could make municipalities warn drivers of speed traps so long as 50-percent or more of the city's revenue comes from speeding tickets.

But, Theriot says despite their reputation for giving out lots of speeding tickets. He says only 18-percent of their revenue comes from tickets. He fears the house bill could be amended to include them..which would hurt their future growth.

“I feel it would give us a certain identity, a stigma to the community that would affect us in economic development.” said Theriot.

Theriot says he will go to the Capitol next week to hear the bill debated on the House floor.

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