MidSouth Bank warns customers to be aware of phone scam

An increasing number of banks and their customers in Louisiana are being targeted by a phone scam in which an automated caller tells customers their debit cards have been deactivated. If customers receive this phone call, they should disconnect the call immediately and not give any of their personal information.

If MidSouth Bank customers have any concerns that their personal information may be compromised, they should call the MidSouth Bank Customer Care Center at 1-800-213-BANK (2265).

MidSouth Bank customers and non-customers have received the calls. MidSouth Bank stresses that its customers always be mindful that the bank will NEVER contact them to request personal information about their account. Additionally, the bank does not ask third-party vendors to contact its customers regarding account activity, including debit card problems or deactivation.

MidSouth Bank wants its customers to know it takes protecting their personal information seriously and that the scam is in no way related to their information maintained at the bank.

MidSouth Bank is not the only bank being targeted. Law enforcement officials in several Louisiana markets are warning customers about the debit card scam and a similar scam in which the caller claims the customer has an overdue utility bill. In both instances, the caller aims to collect private information.

The number of affected communities is growing. As of March 27, residents in the following areas have been targeted:


• Alexandria

• Florien

• Greenwood

• Lafayette

• Mansfield

• Many

• Morgan City

• Natchitoches

• New Iberia

• Pleasant Hill

• Robeline

• Shreveport

• Toledo Bend

• Zwolle

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