Mother wants justice after son was attacked

A group of Teurlings High School students are still recovering after they were brutally attacked, leaving one with a broken jaw.

The incident took place on March 11 behind the school near the railroad tracks. According to police the three young men say they were walking when they were approached by five suspects identified only as black males, who demanded they hand over their wallets. But the suspects, who are believed to be juveniles, didn't stop there. They proceeded to attack them.

Karen Stelly, whose son was attacked, says her child was repeatedly punched in the head and face and now has a broken jaw. He now has his mouth wired shut. Stelly says whoever did this, did so maliciously.

They got the money and their wallets so why didn't they leave them alone, she said. Stelly hopes that even if juveniles are responsible for this attack, she hopes they are charged to the fullest extent. Stelly goes on to say that these people had no hesitation acting like big, tough men so they should be charged as adults.

Lafayette police say they are investigating.  But because this case may involve juveniles, not many details will be released. If you have any information you are urged to call police.

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