Councilman booted out of press conference

Iberia Parish council member Troy Comeaux was looking for an explanation after being booted out of a press conference held by Parish President Errol “Romo” Romero on Wednesday.

“I was a little confused and caught off guard that a public official would not be allowed to participate,” said Comeaux.

Only members of the media and Romero's attorney, Lewis Unglesby, were present at the 30 minute long press conference. President Romero's announcement; previous investigations into his administration by the Parish Council were closed by the state's Board of Ethics and Attorney General.

He wanted the Parish Council's Executive Committee to recommend rescinding all previous calls for an investigation and to dismiss any remaining allegations.

“Most of what they were supposedly discussing in the press conference was on the agenda, so I'm not sure why they needed to duplicate their efforts,” said Comeaux.

We caught up with Romero, on Thursday, looking for an explanation for keeping council members out of the press conference.

“As expected, I was cleared of all of this. This should be…it should be done and I invite those council members to come here and ask me if they have any problems…that's it,” said Romero before abruptly ending our interview.

“It concerns me that we can't even have a conversation and that Mr. Romero has to have a lawyer at every meeting or in every conversation to represent him, just to talk about parish government,” said Comeaux.  

Moving forward, Comeaux said, council members will be looking into Unglesby's claims that the investigations against Romero were closed.

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