Crawfish sales on the rise

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Crawfish, a Louisiana favorite, is finally on the rise again resulting in lowered prices.

“It's crazy crawfish season,” said Ricky Stoma, co-owner of Crawfish Spot. Crawfish season had a slow start this year due to an unseasonable cold winter and hard rainfalls. According to Stoma, it's undesirable start for the season.

“Hopefully it quits getting cold and stops raining. The crawfish will then come up and eat,” said Stoma.

Although there was a slow start, Stoma said crawfish sales are on the rise. “It's picking up with this weather and stuff. It all has to do with the weather,” said Stoma. Weather has a big effect on prices and since it's starting to warm up, that means good news for customers.

“If the weather stays hot and good then the catch goes up and the prices will lower down. If it gets bad the prices, the catch won't be as good and the will be high,” said Stoma.

Since the beginning of the season, more and more customers are rolling into the fairly new business. “I'm obsessed. I tried them last week and I was hooked,” said Ciane Fitaro, a customer at Crawfish Spot. Stoma explains prices are expected to go down even lower in the coming weeks.

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