Book details serial killer’s attack in St. Martin Parish

For five years, between April of 1998 and March of 2003 someone was killing woman in South Louisiana and getting away with it. When serial killer Derrick Todd Lee was eventually identified and brought to justice he was linked either directly or indirectly to the disappearance and deaths of at least eight women. But there was actually a ninth, a woman from St. Martin Parish who was attacked and survived and now she's coming out with a book to tell her story.

Dianne Alexander says her life changed forever on July 9, 2002 when a man she would later know as serial killer Derrick Todd Lee showed up at the door of her house in rural St. Martin Parish asking for directions.

“I can't say how many times he hit me all I remember was one force hit to the forehead and that was it for me.” said Alexander.

These photos taken of Alexander in the hospital after the attack show just how vicious Lee's attack was. Had it not been for Alexander's son returning home promptly after from school she would have ended up just another victim. Alexander says lee hear her son pull upside and ran out the back door.

“I had my air conditioner on and he turned it off so it could alert him if anyone would show up.” said Alexander.

Alexander's brush with death is documented in this book, Divine Justice, that is due out this Friday. It promises to be a rare look at something very few people ever get with a serial killer, a second chance. The book is available on

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