Common Core heats up at the Capitol

Dozens of school superintendents attended Wednesday's House Education Committee meeting on the first of many bills geared towards common core. 

House bill 381 was the first bill introduced and the first to be voted down. That bill would have created a 30 member Louisiana commission to develop state standards in public schools. The new rules would have replaced the current standards adopted back in 2010.

Vermilion Parish school superintendent Jerome Puyau says he supports common core state standards but agrees those standards should be reviewed and possibly tweaked. Puyau says he was supportive of house bill 381 because it allowed a group of Louisiana teachers, administrators, content analyzers, and experts to look over every standard and if they needed to be tweaked they would be tweaked.

Puyau wants to ensure all standards are age appropriate for Louisiana children and the children in Vermilion Parish.

Another common core bill heard yesterday, House Bill 558 aimed at prohibiting the use of the national common core test called, PARCC was also voted down, seven to twelve.

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