Lawn and Garden April 1st – Brown Patch

Gary:  Today on your lawn & Garden we're talking about the lawn, couple of things you need to do to keep it green and keep the weeds out. John has some tips for you.

John: well, first: fertilizer.  It's still a little early for a typical fertilizer. I would wait till mid-April to the end of April.

These are some fertilizers.  This one right here, Milorganite, I love this stuff. It's organic you can use it any time of the year. Rain, I don't care if it's a hundred degrees you can put it out. It doesn't burn.  It's a natural product.  It greens up, it doesn't make it grow, so if you have a full lawn this is what you want. It doesn't keep you mowing.

If you have to weed and feed I have this product right here that can be used on all lawns. If you have St. Augustine, Zoisia, whatever. It'll kill the weeds and fertilize. But like I said, I would wait a little bit. 

Also, weed killers.  Your weeds are out right now. So you want to put that out. I have the Atrazine and the Weed Zone.  Both of them are different chemicals.  The Atrazine can basically be used on all lawns, except Bermuda and maybe, carpet.

The Weed Zone is a 24D Blend which can be used on any lawn. We also have a mixture at the store, if you come by, we can tell you how to mix them both together if you have St. Augustine or centipede and it will kill basically all your weeds in there.

Also, when it's cooler we're having trouble with Brown Patch in the lawns, especially on St. Augustine. And I have it in a granular, hose-in or concentrate. You want to put those out now through the growing season. Once it gets hot, like eighty five degrees, the disease stops growing. So don't worry about it after that. Spring and Fall, though is when you have the problems with it.

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