Lecompte Chief of Police and officer arrested

Investigators from the Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations/Alexandria Field Office arrested Chief Mikel White (B/M 53 yrs) and Officer Gregory Armstead (B/M 45 yrs) earlier today. Several felony charges resulted from the investigation.

Earlier this week, LSP Detectives received a criminal complaint against Chief White and Officer Armstead. The complainant/victim alleged that in March 2014 Chief White and Officer Armstead made contact with him at his residence. During the encounter, Chief White allegedly threatened the victim with bodily harm if he didn't pay money owed to him for a personal loan. The Chief also allegedly threaten to arrest him for theft.

Shortly after these threats were made by Chief White, the victim was handcuffed and taken into custody by Officer Armstead at the order of the Chief. The entire incident was captured on video. The victim was eventually released without being charged for any crime.

Based on the evidence/investigation, an arrest warrant was obtained for Chief White and Officer Armstead. The warrants were executed today and both were booked into the Rapides Parish Jail. Chief White was charged with extortion, malfeasance in office, and false imprisonment. Officer Armstead was charged with malfeasance in office and false imprisonment.

LSP Detectives were assisted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

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