Mother and Boyfriend Charged in Baby’s Death

A mother and her boyfriend are in jail, allegedly connected to the death of a 10-month-old baby boy.

The mother is 26-year-old Karen Dupuis. Her boyfriend is 25-year-old Bryant Rogers. Rogers is charged with first degree murder, while Dupuis is charged with accessory to first degree murder. 

The boy was found at the pair's residence on the 100 block of le Medicine Road near Carencro, said the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office.

Lafayette Parish Sherriff's office officials say evidence points to prolonged abuse.

“There were no obvious signs of bruising . No obvious signs of injuries to the child. So the stories that the two provided were consistent, that the child had laid between them and potentially suffocated.  Once we got the autopsy we found some injuries that had various degrees of healing and that indicated to us that there's been some abuse to the child” says Captain Kip Judice.

Captain Judice says a bond hearing for the two suspects will be early next week. Arraignment will come within a couple of months.

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