Faces and Places of Acadiana: St. Patrick Catholic Church

There's a little known church in Lafayette that's big on character and history.

In this edition of Faces and Places of Acadiana, News Ten Anchor Darla Montgomery brings us the story of St. Patrick Catholic Church from its humble beginnings to its role in present day Lafayette.

Tucked away behind the hustle and bustle of the Southeast Evangeline Thruway in Lafayette is St. Patrick Catholic Church.

Ms. Patsy a parishioner asks, “Where is that? Patsy says a friend told her and she came here and has been here ever since calling this home.

Home to a small parish community in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lafayette since 1952, this church has many parishioners who come every weekday morning at 7:30 to pray, find peace and enjoy fellowship.

Fr. Keith Labove, St. Patrick's pastor says, “The size of the church fosters a certain intimacy, a certain community”.  Fr. Keith has been pastor here for 6  ½ years.

He says, “The parishioners are friendly and people notice that so it draws them in.  I've noticed a couple of people who attend mass regularly who grew up in this neighborhood actually came back to mass here.  One was an altar server 50 years ago and still has that attachment to this place.”

A place of peace where St. Patrick, the primary patron saint of Ireland, watches over the faithful.

Ms. Patsy says she's been here 20 years and she says, “We love our church and we love our parishioners and we love our priest.”

Priests like Fr. Keith who are so busy in their communities, they spread the word of God beyond church walls.

Fr. Keith says this is not his only job, “But the smallness of the parish allows me to also serve as part time chaplain at two hospitals in Lafayette and the parishioners have been very accommodating.”

As accommodating as this charming little church.

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