New sidewalk in Parc Hardy near complete

Parc Hardy has seen a lot of improvements over the years, all thanks to donations by the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival Association.

“The crawfish festival always gives back to the park that we use every year and this year we decided to put some sidewalks along Doucet Road,” said Angelique Bernard, Publicity Director for the festival. The new sidewalks are finally nearing completion and Bernard said she hopes this donation will make walking near the park safer for park visitors and festival goers.

“A lot of people tend to walk in the street and there's a lot of access. Now that there are sidewalks, it's safer,” said Bernard. The sidewalk runs between three-quarters and a mile down Doucet Road and is adjacent to Parc Hardy. This two and a half month long project is a pretty big expense. “The Crawfish Festival is funding this project 100 percent and it's going to run about $300,000,” said Bernard. Even though this was all made possible by the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival Association, an agreement was required with the city of Breaux Bridge.

“The city is involved because they had to approve it and the Federal Government had to approve it. We had to have a city civil engineer and a civil engineer company come in and draw these plans up. We've paid for all of it,” said Bernard. This project is just one of many in and near the park that was donated by the association.

“We've put in jogging paths, we've put in rod iron fence around the park and we've re-done the pavilion where our food vendors are. We also one year re-did the playground equipment in the park,” said Bernard.

Bernard said since the early 80's, they have spent over $1.5 million giving back to the city, the park and the people of Breaux Bridge. She said the sidewalks should be completed just in time for the Crawfish Festival which begins May first.

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