LPSS board member talks public relations

The Superintendent of Lafayette Parish Schools says it's going to take more than $3,000 to fight back. In fact, Dr. Pat Cooper called on the school board Wednesday to take up the charge.
School board member, Mark Babineaux wanted to know why there's no public relations campaign to offset commercials he says the charter schools are running. “We're paying people $3,000 a month to promote the school system. We're a “B” school system,” explained Babineaux.
Babineaux talked about charter school commercials and what he says they're suggesting. “They indicate that their children are not just a number and they get personal attention; and at the same time it also suggests somehow the Lafayette Parish School System is failing in that regard,” said Babineaux.
Babineaux told the board he doesn't agree with the charter school approach; but has a question as to why the parish school district has yet to release a public relations response. “We have 22 schools of choice. We have 5 academies and we have a career and technical track that can be followed,” added Babineaux.
The superintendent replied by suggesting that the board become champions for the school district and be public about it.  “It's a team effort. I think the superintendent, the teachers, the parents, the students and the board has to champion the district instead of continuing to find things to put doubts in people's mind.”
Plus, Dr. Cooper added the $3,000 being paid for a public relations firm isn't enough to buy a commercial. It's going to take more money than that. “So it's easy enough to sit there and complain about it, but I think it's just a effort we all have to look at and say we got a good school district.  We're going to get better,” added Cooper.
The superintendent mentioned that instead of a public relations campaign, the work of the school district speaks for itself.

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