LUS Fiber offers high-speed Wi-Fi hotspot to Festival International

Festival International held every year in downtown Lafayette, is known for celebrating music, culture, and artistic talent from around the world. It's a festival worth attending, and LUS Fiber just made it even better!

Sharing your experiences with others in real-time – through photos, tweets, or status updates – has become an enjoyed part of one's social life. Unfortunately, for the hordes of festival goers that join us every spring with their multiple smartphones, laptops, and tablets in tow, wireless Internet service was never an option. This put a strain on some cellular services, making it difficult to share your pictures and videos.

Recognizing the need for Internet access, LUS Fiber decided to team with Festival International to turn downtown's Parc Putnam into an LUS Fiber Wi-Fi Hotspot Area this year.

Festival attendees will now have access to free Wi-Fi service throughout the festivities at Parc Putnam, located in front of the Federal Courthouse, courtesy of LUS Fiber.

“We couldn't think of a better way to improve the overall festival experience for Lafayette residents than by offering free, high-speed Wi-Fi access,” said Terry Huval, Director of LUS Fiber. “It was a perfect fit for Lafayette's only community-owned, fiber-optic network to partner with one of Lafayette's signature festivals to provide a service that will enhance the attendees' experience.”

LUS Fiber is making it easy to share Festival International with the world. Remember to use #FiberWiFi when posting from the LUS Fiber Hotspot Area.

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