Event aimed at education public about Bayou Vermilion

The Bayou Vermilion Preservation Association, an organization whose main goal is to provide education and resources to the community regarding the conservation, protection and enjoyment of the Bayou Vermilion, will hold “Bayou Vermilion Treasures-A Water Weekend” on May 8-10.

The schedule includes educational and recreational events for the entire family. For more information on all events listed below go to http://www.bayouvermilionpreservation.org <http://www.bayouvermilionpreservation.org/>


A “Clean Streams” poster contest for middle and high school students. The winning posters will be displayed on a Lamar outdoor billboard.


A Sunset Cruise on the Vermilion


Visionary Water Symposium to discuss opportunities and threats to the Bayou Vermilion.

Tickets $25.



Fun Water Day

Groups will sponsor their own events to bring people to the Vermilion.

· Vermilionville will host a recreational paddle on the water

· Lafayette Science Museum invites you to its Digital Aquarium to learn about fish

· LATrails will conduct a hike along the bayou

· BVPA will offer a guided water tour of the bayou's cultural features

· Lafayette Farmers and Artisan Market at the Horse Farm will use the Enviroscape demonstration to teach visitors about where our water goes

· Culinary Tour of restaurants on the water



Saturday, May 10th

Friday, May 9th

Thursday, May 8th



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