Living in Texas but Serving in Kaplan

A councilman in Vermilion Parish speaks out about his decision in keeping his position as an elected official, even though he now lives hundreds of miles away.

Herb Gaspard was a resident of Kaplan up until he was transferred to Katy, Texas for his job. Even though he no longer lives in the city, he does maintain a house there and continues to serve as councilman-at-large. Gaspard says technology allows him to do his job effectively and he has no plans on resigning.

“I've held this job for almost four years and I've always done it over the phone or through some kind of communication. Modern technology is a wonderful thing. There is absolutely no difference from when I lived in Kaplan to now except that I do not rest my head on a pillow in Kaplan” said Gaspard. After speaking with the city attorney and realizing he didn't have to resign, Gaspard decided it was in the best interest for Kaplan to maintain his title until his term ends in June.

“I called the city attorney and asked his advice. He advised me I was not required to resign because it was an elected position by the citizens of Kaplan. I felt personally if I were to do that I would be failing the citizens of Kaplan” said Gaspard.

This past week a group of Kaplan citizens filed a complaint with the registrar of voters' office regarding whether or not Gaspard is qualified to hold his potion. Gaspards term ends June 30th.

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