LPSS board/superintendent meeting planned

Wednesday the board president opened the floor for each board member to weigh-in on what they want to talk about during a to be scheduled Board/Superintendent Meeting.
Dr. Pat Cooper's topic of choice is whatever brings everyone together on a common vision using the 100% In Plan. Dr. Cooper hopes the upcoming board superintendent meeting will be free flowing. “Wouldn't have a lot of prepared items. I don't think that went over really well, but just to be able to talk about how we're going to try to function,” said Cooper.
Board member Shelton Cobb was the second person to weigh-in. Cobb said he wants to look at what's been accomplished and what needs revisited. “In terms of whether or not we're succeeding on the mission we established earlier. I think it's an excellent time to review,” explained Cobb.
Board member Dr. Tehmi Chassion suggested the Board/Superintendent Session include a discussion about individual school district needs and concerns. Dr. Chassion mentioned a few of his own.  “In particular my school district; the low tests scores and what's being done,” added Chassion.
Chassion also supported board member Mark Babineaux's request to talk charter schools and the long term impact those schools will have on the Lafayette Parish School System. “What that impact will have based upon, if so many students are lost and how many teachers we stand to lose from those students,” said Chassion.
Board President Dr. Hunter Beasley says the board is still working on setting a meeting date.  He talked about the board considering the end of May or early June.

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