Drive through prayer service

“There's a daiquiri shop drive-thru. You can go get your groceries drive-thru, so why can't we get a drive-thru prayer,” says Reverend Robert Johnson of The New Church on Louisiana Avenue in Lafayette.

Rev. Johnson says this day and age people aren't always willing to sit through a church service. The reverend admits it can be lengthy at times.  So, he thought let's bring the service to them by curbside. “Take the church from the inside of the building to the outside where people can just come off the streets and have a prayer for a little while,” says Rev. Johnson.

“That's what God told me to do.  Pray for others and not just myself,” adds prayer warrior Mary Teresa King.  About 50 motorists took advantage of the chance to roll down their car window and grab a blessing. 

Mary Teresa King is the drive-thru prayer warrior for this divine gift on the go. King is 90 years old. “If I'm cooking, if I'm reading; I don't care what I'm doing, I'm going to put that aside. I'm going to pray for them; because they didn't ask for prayer today or tomorrow they asked for prayer now,” explains King.

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