Local Deacon to Assist Pope on Easter

Lafayette Dcn. Patrick Broussard was standing in St. Peter's Square when Pope Francis was elected. His seat got a major upgrade this year and he'll be standing within feet of Pope Francis, while he's delivering Easter mass on Saturday.

“His name was drawn out of a hat and he found out about the selection on his birthday. He [found out that he] would be serving as one of the deacons for Pope Francis for the Easter vigil,”  said Fr. Kevin Bordelon, Director of the Diocese of Lafayette's Office of Vocations and Seminarians.

Fr. Bordelon said Dcn. Broussard's  birthday was April 4; that's when he posted the announcement on his Facebook page.

“He listed all the things he did on his birthday, just kind of went to a movie had dinner here and ‘oh, by the way, I was chosen to be one of the deacons for the vigil with Pope Francis.' That's how I found out about it, actually,” says Fr. Bordelon.

Fr. Bordelon said it's hard to say exactly how Dcn. Broussard will be assisting Pope Francis throughout the ceremony. He said it could be a number of things from purification to preparation of the gifts of bread and wine.

In June, Dcn. Broussard will be coming back to the Hub City as Fr. Broussard. His biological father, Steve Broussard, said last time he and his son spoke about Pope Francis, Dcn. Broussard was saying he wanted to meet him before flying out; then came the e-mail two weeks ago.

“It's all hard to comprehend that something of this magnitude is happening to us,” says Broussard.

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