Festival begins Wednesday

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The official start of Festival Internationale de Louisiane begins Wednesday
It’s the largest outdoor free Francophone event in the United States; highlighting the treasured connections Acadiana has with the Francophone world. Festival staff and volunteers are gearing up to handle the crowds that seem to grow year after year.
Missy Paschke-Wood, Executive Director of Festival Internationale says, “It’s the Tuesday before festival so right now we have stages going up. Fais Do Do just went up. We’re getting everything prepared to be able to sell tickets and to sell our beverages for the Wednesday night show with Geno (delafose) and Keith Frank so we’re excited about that.”
Festival Internationale is a non profit event that earns income through sales during the festival. “The office is buzzing because we are marking all of the merchandise that’s going to be available for sale. Of course that’s a major fundraiser for us is when people buy that often merchandise” says Paschke-Wood.
That merchandise includes food and drinks. So, once you work up an appetite be sure to support the festivals vendors. Paschke-Wood says we have to raise our own money every single year to bring you this amazing music theater and cinema and all that stuff…and the biggest piece of fundraising that we have this beverage sales. So, please leave your cooler at home.
The final touches are being put on Parc International for festival, but there are a few holes members of the community can help to fill. “We definitely still need help with security, which is more badge checkers at the different stages. So if people are wanting to volunteer but they don’t want to miss any of the music, consider being a security volunteer because you could to hang out right by the stage and listen.”
To learn more about the bands and show times you can download the festival Internationale App, in the Google Play or App Store.
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