Men help spread awareness about human trafficking

Acadiana is laying out the welcome mat for two young men who are walking across the country spreading awareness about Human Trafficking. 

It started with prayer, and the very next day Chance Leonard came across the Tiny Hands International organization, which is a Christian Non-Profit, particularly called to aid victims of sex-trafficking. “They said you can run a 5K or something like that. I said why not walk across America? That will give me the time that I need to take to talk to churches and be on TV and in newspapers and talk to people like you to actually make the difference” said Chance Stephens, one of the two man duo, with Walk America. With over 1,700 miles traveled, Chance Stephens and Jacob Leonard still have over 1000 miles to hike.

“Walking actually is stressful, especially when you have a 65 pound bag on your back. There was a lady who contacted me yesterday and she said I’m praying for you, I feel sorry for your feet. I wish that I could take your pain. That’s actually my sacrifice. There are women that are being sexually abused all over the globe and if my feet hurt here and there, that’s part of my sacrifice” said Stephens. Jacob met Chance in Texas during his journey and choose to join the walk and support his cause.

“I have had girl friends in the past who have been sexually abused and it just kind of hit me in the heart that I could be doing something to help protect other girls hearts and their bodies as well said Leonard and Stephens added, “I’m doing this because they are sexually afflicted women across the globe and somebody’s got to do something about it.”

Chance and Jacob are attempting to raise one hundred sixty thousand dollars for tiny hands international. So far the guys have raised a little over seven thousand dollars. Go to, click Advocates in Action, or go to and click donate to Chance on the Road or Tiny Hands International.

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