Broussard police tackle crime with success

The city of Broussard has battled some very unusual crimes in recent months but police there have tackled them head on. The most recent case involved a break-in at a business on Albertson’s Parkway. 

Upon investigating, police say seven guns were stolen. Six have been recovered and two suspects are now behind bars. That case along with several car beak-ins, high speed fatalities and a sixteen thousand dollar meth bust has kept officers busy and on their toes. 

“This goes to show that we are continuing our aggressive pursuit of criminal activity of criminals in our city that we will not stand for it and we will do everything we can to make our city safe” said Chief Brannon Decou. 

Chief Decou says he plans to set up an enforcement detail along Highway 90 and Ambassador Caffrey in response to the high number of aggressive drivers going 90 miles per hour and over. Decou hopes this will slow drivers down and save lives. 

“We are fortunate that we have a high visibility presence and our police department does a good job at going out and being seen and taking proactive measures to make sure our city is safe” said Decou.

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