Local Red Cross helping storm victims

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With severe weather striking several states, impacting thousands of Americans, help is being felt from all across the country including right here in Acadiana.

Our local Red Cross chapter has already sent crews to assist in relief efforts, with even more volunteers on stand-by. According to Tony Credeur with the American Red Cross, they are correlating with their national organization, waiting for them to make the call on when and where to deploy. During many disasters people want to help by volunteering but Credeur says not everyone can be a volunteer, right away.

“We really appreciate the calls from people who just want to volunteer but if you’re not trained in a specific area so that when you get there you can start working we really can’t send you” said Credeur. One way anyone can help is through donations. Monetary donations are being accepted and will be used to buy supplies which help keep disaster areas economically stable.

“We don’t have time for food drives to take place. The need is now and we are looking for financial donations. We want to make sure the small mom and pop shops continue and by bringing money into the community, that keep jobs open and there” said Credeur. To donate or to be trained as a volunteer, log on to http://www.RedCross.org

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