LPSB Investigation Law Firm Resigns

It’s a done deal at least for now. The law firm selected by the Lafayette Parish School board to investigate the school superintendent has quit. 

School Board President, Dr. Hunter Beasley says he received a letter on Monday from the firm stating why.  Dr. Beasley explained that the law firm chosen to investigate the superintendent resigned because of a change in available time.  “Since it took so long for the resolution to be approved by the attorney general, at this time what they stated was they just didn’t have the time to do a thorough investigation of Dr. Cooper,” states Dr. Beasley.

Beasley states that the investigation is about looking into “any wrong doing Dr. Cooper may have committed as superintendent.”  Beasley adds to bring-on another firm, the board will have to vote again. “If the majority of the board votes for it, then a resolution would have to be sent to the attorney general’s office again and wait for his signature and his approval to hire special counsel,” adds Beasley.

Apparently there’s one more issue that’s seems to be unclear – that is whether or not the law firm of Grant & Barrow was actually hired as special counsel or merely selected. “The attorney general signed-off on it in mid April.  During that period of time from when the attorney general signed-off on it and the resignation letter was received; were they working for us during that period of time?  That’s just a question in my mind.  That’s the kind of a grey area so to speak”    

In a statement, Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper responds to the resignation of the investigating law: “I’m surprised by this news. Our staff spent several hours pulling together all the items that were requested. I am not sure who will pay the bill for the time and effort expended to gather all the information.  Hopefully, we can use our upcoming retreat as an opportunity to discuss alternatives to starting this process all over again.”

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