Parent’s empowered “Cafeteria conversations”

A local parent’s group, Parents Empowered, hosted a town hall-style meeting this evening focused on parents and students in Acadiana.

The group, wanting a voice in the public school system, have now titled the meetings, “Cafeteria Conversations”. One parent, Allison Dickerson, who is a part of the group said these meetings will be held throughout the parish. Dickerson said these meetings are a place where parents can have questions answered directly by the Superintendent.

“Many parents including some of ourselves in the group have questions about Common Core and it was good to just have a one on one conversation and have our questions answered, our concerns answered,” said Dickerson. Superintendent of Lafayette Parish Schools, Dr. Pat Cooper, said he hopes this will help build a better relationship with parents which will in turn help students. “Anything we can do to make sure everyone has accurate information so they can make good decisions is going to be very helpful not only to the children, but also to the parents,” said Dr. Cooper.

Dr. Cooper said these cafeteria conversations will also allow parents to get first-hand details on his 100 percent in and 100 percent out plan. “There’s two real focuses here. One is on the general 100 percent in and 100 percent out plan,” said Dr. Cooper. Dr. Cooper said the plan is focused on making sure all students graduate from high school. “We want all of our children to start school ready to learn. We want all of them to complete school. In other words 100 percent in and 100 percent complete,” said Dr. Cooper.

Dr. Cooper said he hopes more parents will attend these cafeteria conversations as they continue around the parish. The next cafeteria conversation will be held at Northside High School on May 1st at 6:00 p.m.

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