Arceneaux Kidnapping Case Details Revealed

On November 6th, 2013, Marcus Arceneaux had no idea in just three days, he would save his cousins life. But it was a call from Bethany’s Arceneaux’s brother that would change everything. During that call, Marcus was told Bethany was abducted by her estranged boyfriend, Scott Thomas. On that night, Marcus and Bethany’s brother searched around Leonville, where they thought Thomas still lived.

Marcus admits, they weren’t too worried—it wasn’t the first time Bethany and Thomas disappeared. But when police located Thomas’ abandoned car in Duson, that’s when things became real. The second day, the family was out in full force. Marcus said the rumors were flying about Bethany’s whereabouts.  But between law enforcement and their search efforts, day two turned up nothing.

Early the next morning, Marcus and his family searched again—splitting into groups between Leonville and Duson. After more of the same, Marcus said they left Duson, based on a rumor someone was assisting Thomas in Leonville. 

But Bethany’s sister called; convinced a psychic reading held the answer. Marcus listened, turned around back to where they were, meeting up once again with folks living along Anderson Street who watched and helped.

But one landowner knew about an abandoned house and pointed them in that direction. No one suspected Bethany would really be inside until they got closer.

As Marcus approached the backdoor of the home, the screen door was locked. Trying to gain entrance, he broke the glass and it was then he heard the voice of his cousin Bethany scream for help.

Arceneaux says he fired three shots, one into the screen door a second into the wooden door and a third into a closet as he entered the house.
Once inside Arceneaux says he was able to use a flashlight attachment on his 40 caliber pistol to help illuminate the dark interior.

Arceneaux then says he shouted out to his cousin asking is thomas armed?
Bethany reportedly replied, “yes! he got a gun!  he’s got a knife! he’s killing me! help!

When Marcus spotted Bethany, he says Thomas was laying under her with his legs wrapped around her and he was holding a knife.

Arceneaux says he pleaded with Thomas saying quote, “Scott, stop trippin, don’t do that… I’m not gonna do you nothin, I just want Bethany.”
at that point Bethany yelled out Thomas had just stabbed her in the head.

Marcus said he had no intentions of harming Thomas. He says up until then they had a good relationship and he only wanted Bethany out of harms way.

With the only light in the room coming from the flashlight on the Arceneaux’s gun, he says all he could see was Thomas’s eyes.
Arceneaux later told police, “I’ll never forget them eyes…all I could see from his eyes was kill. That’s the word they said, kill.”

After realizing Bethany had been stabbed, Marcus says he shot thomas in the lower leg. Thomas dropped the knife and Bethany was able to roll off of Thomas.

As Thomas picked the knife up, Arceneaux fired another round, hitting Thomas in the rib area.
At that point Thomas screamed, which was the first sound Arcenaux says he had made since Marcus entered the home.

Bethany was now able to get clear.

Arceneaux says Thomas once again grabbed the knife, stood up and began to walk toward the threshold where Marcus was standing. Marcus fired what he described as a third and final shot into Thomas’s chest before leaving the house with Bethany in his arms.

Forensic evidence indicates Thomas was hit a total eleven times including multiple shots to the head and face.  That accounts for all 14 rounds the owner of the pistol says the weapon was loaded with prior to the shooting.

As for the discrepancy between the shots Arceneaux says he fired and the forensic report, experts say, it’s not unusual even for trained officers with years on the job to not accurately remember how many shots they fired during the course of a shooting incident.

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