Walk for Justice for Brothers Found Murdered

Mary Liz Morgan of Lafayette is the mother of Isaiah Morgan, 22.  Isaiah was found shot to death at the intersection of Goldman and Division Street back in 2012.  

In March 2012, the older brother Russell “Rusty” Lambert Junior was found dead off Moss Street near the post office.  “We’re asking anyone with any information to come forward.  It’s been two years since these two young men have been murdered, Russell and Isaiah,” says Morgan.

Morgan says the family is having a billboard put up on Moss Street near where Russell was found.  With the billboard, a Walk for Justice is also planned.  Morgan explains the walk is for any family in need of help. “Any unsolved cases anyone might know.  Any cases in the City of Lafayette, please come forward,” adds Morgan.

Isaiah’s widowed wife and two children will be at the walk May 23 on Moss Street @ 5:00pm.  Victoria Dugas say it’s been hard to forward without answers. “It still feels like two years ago on May 23, 2012.  It’s hard that we have no answers still.  Life goes on, but we can’t go on because we have no answers. We still have questions. It still feels like day one,” explains Dugas.

A day the oldest sister will never forget either. She says life gets more difficult as time passes without knowing. “I don’t want so much to know why, but I just want to know who did it. because there is no why as to why you would kill both my brothers,” says older sister Ayodele Lambert.

Alzina Dural knows the family’s pain. Dural had a billboard placed on West Williow Street in Lafayette for her nephew who she says was found dead outside the city limits of Scott last year.  “Maybe someone might speak up or have something. There are a lot of stories circulating, but someone knows something,” says Dural.

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