Three Lafayette Deputies Released

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Three Deputies with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Department were fired for policy violations inside the parish jail, but they have yet to be charged with a crime.

Earlier this week the department released a brief statement confirming that Deputies Michael McSheffrey, Brandon Gallien, Scarla Celestine and Adrian Theriot were, to use the department’s terminology, separated from the sheriff’s office last month.

According to the sheriff’s office McSheffery and Gallien were fired for violating the Departments use of force policy.

Celestine and Theriot were fired for violating the code of conduct. Cases such as these are investigated by the Department’s internal affairs division which then forwards its report and recommendations for action to Sheriff Mike Neustrom.

In this case Sheriff Neustrom’s action resulted in the firing of the four, but Neustrom is leaving the job of determining whether any laws were broken up to another law enforcement agency.

According to Departmental Spokesman, Captain Kip Judice, the inmate who was assaulted in this instance is no longer in jail.

Sources close to the case say the unidentified inmate was beaten severely enough to require a hospital stay.

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