Mayor Run-off tops St. Martinville election ballots

It’s a very important day throughout St. Martin Parish, especially St. Martinville, as the poles are open for elections.
Until 8 PM Saturday night, voters have the opportunity to elect a new mayor in Melinda Narcisse-Mitchelle or choose to remain under the guidance of Mayor Thomas Nelson, among eight tax proposals on the ballot. With the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival also taking place this weekend, some concerns were raised as for what to expect for voter turn-out.
Registrar of voters, Tricia Hammons said, “As of noon, in person our percentage for voter turnout was 9.1 percent, and our early voting was 14 percent, which is a total of 23.6 percent as of noon. We do anticipate it to pick up later in the evening, in the late afternoon hours. Our 6 o’clock numbers should increase drastically.”
Polls officially close at PM.

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