Fatal accident leaves dogs without a home

During the first weekend in May, there were several fatal vehicle accidents around Acadiana and behind every one of them is a person with a story.

One man who died in a tragic accident also left behind a family of dogs—now with nowhere to go. The youngest dog survived the major car accident. She was almost left for dead, but during a search of the vehicle, a State Trooper found her hiding, under a seat.

As it turns out, she is just one of five other dogs belonging to that owner. Stacey Alleman, Adoption Coordinator for St. Landry Parish Animal Control says the man’s family cannot care for the dogs.

“They have no one,” said Alleman. “They’re completely left here and with the overpopulation that St. Landry Parish has, the only choice we have is to euthanize these animals.” Sleeping in an animal shelter is not the life these dogs are used to and Alleman says they even bark for each other when separated. But under the circumstances, it’s the only option for now. 

“You can tell they were well loved. That’s what really (pulls at) your heart strings,” said Alleman. “This guy was going above and beyond. He had no other companion than his animals.” It’s a story of life after death people rarely hear about. But Alleman is hoping this tragic story will come out with some sort of happy ending. 

“Sadly, we all worry about this—if we were the ones that passed, what does happen? And this is a true situation of what happens,” said Alleman. 

For more information on these animals, call the St. Landry Parish Animal Control. Their number is (337) 984-6184.

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