On a Mission; the life of local missionaries

For a group of people living in Vermilion Parish, life is spent working for the better good of mankind.

They are missionaries and they give their time and money to those locally and worldwide in need of help. They live beneath the trees just north of Intracoastal City on their mission base called Big Woods. That’s where they train on how to be a missionary before traveling out providing food, shelter, whatever they can in the name of God.

Family Missions Company was founded nearly 40 years ago by Frank and Genie Summers of Abbeville. “We had a conversion experience when our marriage was falling apart and when we heard God call us to go out into mission work, people in Abbeville were taking bets on how long this experience and dedication would last” said Genie.

Seven children and twenty grandchildren later, the Summers beat the odds. Family Missions Company has helped hundreds find god and at the same time extend that love to those who need it the most.“Its normal life here, the only difference is it’s a life of joy, a life of undeniable difference but unspeakable peace” said Kylie Dold, FMC marketing coordinator.

If you would like to help support a missionary or for more information on how become one, go to their website, www.fmcmissions.com

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