Port Barre High ‘hit list’ found in bathroom

A letter was found in a boys bathroom at Port Barre High School on Tuesday, reading “I am Q. And I have a list of people that will die today.” 

A family member of the town’s police chief, Deon Boudreaux, was included in the list of seven male students that followed that quote. “Chief Deputy Frank Angelle from the Marshal’s Office notified me. He knew about it through a family member,” says Chief Boudreaux. 

“A family member sent me a text message saying his name was on a hit list and I called Chief Deon,” says Angelle. Both Boudreaux and Angelle say the school still hasn’t notified the parents of the threatened students.

On Thursday, we approached Port Barre High School Principal William Duplechain for comment, when he abruptly asked us to leave the campus.

Angelle says he confronted Duplechain about the letter, who was allegedly downplaying the incident.

“His quote ‘this is Port Barre things don’t happen like that over here,’” says Angelle. Superintendent Edward Brown declined an on-camera interview, but says the school board is investigating the matter. As far as lack of notification to parents, he says, “I heard that this morning, but haven’t had a chance to sit with Mr. duplechain.” 

In the meantime, Boudreaux says they are looking at two persons of interest.

“They have either been known to do that in the past or rumored that they have done that in the past,” says Boudreaux. Boudreaux says he has sent their writing samples and writing samples from the seven students listed in the letter to a handwriting analyst up state.

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