Rivaults file suit against Fontenot; possible delay

The parents of 15-year-old Austin Rivault, who was allegedly shot and killed by Seth Fontenot last year, may have to wait until after Fontenot’s trial to file suit.

According to a court document, Assistant District Attorney Mark Garber says, in the interest of justice, the state is seeking to move any civil proceedings until after Fontenot’s first-degree murder trial, now scheduled for September.

Garber says any civil proceedings before the murder trial would hurt the state’s case by potentially interfering and harassing both witnesses and victims and in essence force the district attorney to participate in any civil proceedings.

The Rivaults suit is demanding damages for what it claims was the wrongful death of their son.The suit alleges Fontenot’s parents provided their son with a weapon and ammunition, but never provided any firearms training and that failure contributed to their son’s death.

The Rivaults are asking for financial compensation for the loss of their son as well as his funeral expenses, totaling $50,000 dollars.

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