Why turn a metered parking space into a parklet?

What do you think about converting a parking space into a park? Other cities are doing it, so why not Lafayette?

A public park nestled within the perimeters of a metered parking space. Kate Durio is the Marketing Director for Downtown Lafayette. Durio is the driving force for Lafayette’s soon-to-be Parklet.

“For people to come and eat or read a book or play cards or play music. Whatever they want to do. They can sit in a pleasant environment and enjoy it more than your car would be enjoying it. That’s for sure,” says Durio.

Durio explains other towns and cities have taken the route to turn a few of their metered parking spaces into a public park. For Lafayette, Durio plans a platformed seating area surrounded by three walls. “It’s going to be highly visible. People will know what it is and hopefully won’t run into it,” explains Durio. The idea is creative. The means by which to pay for the Parklet was too.

Durio posted the Parklet on a newly launched website, where people can give to organized projects. The response was overwhelming. Butch Roussel is the website creator of http://www.civicside.com. “In 24 hours the Parklet was posted on the site for funding. Within 6 hours the Parklet was funded.” Funded with $1,900 in donations and a show of support that a Parklet may actually work for Lafayette.

“If people use it, then I could see that it could be a good thing,” explained a local resident.

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