Youngsville Sports Complex Tobacco Ban Adopted

Tim Robichaux is the Director of the Youngsville Sports Complex. Robichaux explains smoking will not be allowed at the complex nor its parking areas. “It’s anything; mainly the snuff, dipping tobacco and even E-cigarettes are actually in the ban. It’s a pretty comprehensive total ban of anything related to tobacco at all,” says Robichaux.

The Youngsville Sports Complex is set to open next weekend. The city council passed an ordinance on Thursday banning the use of all tobacco products at the facility. 

Robichaux says it’s not uncommon for sports facilities to take such action. “With all the research we’ve done with smoking being banned in NFL facilities and major complexes and all the health initiatives going on right now.  We felt it was a fit for our facility to not include smoking and tobacco products.”

The tobacco ban ordinance was adopted Thursday by the Youngsville City Council.  Mayor Wilson Vistor supported it.  “We want to promote the best type of lifestyle for our kids as possible; for them to be active and not use anything that might hurt their health and I feel smoking does,” says Mayor Viator.

Meanwhile Robichaux gives an update on where the complex stands in terms of completion. He confirms the substantial jobs are complete  “It’s mainly odds and ends, and touch-ups, and cleaning the facility from front to back.  Trahan contractors are working hard to get all that done for us so we can get underway.”

The sports complex is scheduled to have a Grand Opening on May 31 from 9am to 3pm.  Robichaux says opening ceremonies will start at 10:00am.  There is also a tournament scheduled for May 17.

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