Senior arrested for Port Barre High “Hit List”

A 20-year-old high school senior is behind bars following his arrest in connection with a “hit list” note that was found at Port Barre High School on Tuesday.
Port Barre police arrested Tevin Charles Felix Thibodeaux of Opelousas after receiving an anonymous tip that the 12th grader was responsible for the note. Police retrieved school documents like essays and test papers with Thibodeaux’s handwriting on them and submitted them to a forensic document examiner for comparison.
Friday, Port Barre police received the results and concluded that Thibodeaux was responsible for writing the note. Thibodueax was arrested at his home in Opelousas, where he admitted to authorities that he wrote the note. Police say he was apologetic, stated he didn’t mean any harm and that some of the names were friends and others he picked on occasionally. Thibodeaux was booked on the charge of terrorism and transported to the St. Landry Parish Jail.

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