The Living Traditions Program in Erath

In 1995, UL Lafayette Folklore professor Dr. Patricia Swain applied for a grant to start a Living Traditions Program, which kicked off in Erath at Acadian Museum. 

Guests would speak on the folklore and folklore of the Acadian people and by it’s third year, it was time to honor those people who were dedicated to the history and culture. Inductees include Governors Edwin Edwards and Mike Foster, artist George Rodrigue, chef Paul Prudhomme and their biggest collection, musicians from Wayne Toups to D.L. Menard. 

One Saturday, every month, the public enjoys a good ole Cajun jam session then promptly at four, a new individual joins the growing list of living legends. It’s not just the celebrities the area is so well known for. The next inductee is a bit more modest.

A man by the name of Elwood Leblanc. A person must of course be living to be inducted, but as any rule goes, there is always an exception. And so Brandon’s bronze statues protects the front museum doors.

So, what about Warren Perrin, an attorney, chairman of the museum board and former president of CODOFIL when will it be time to attend his induction?

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