Bill passed to lengthen jail time for heroin dealers

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) – Lawmakers in the House on Thursday rewrote and passed a Senate-approved bill to lengthen the possible jail time for heroin dealers in Louisiana. 

Under the revamped version (Senate Bill 87), the minimum sentence for distribution of heroin would be increased from five years to 10 years. The maximum sentence for a first offense would remain 50 years, but would grow to 99 years for later convictions. Critics of the measure said that allowing what is essentially a life sentence for drug dealing was too high a penalty. 

“You don’t think that’s excessive?” asked Rep. Ted James, D-Baton Rouge. James said someone convicted of manslaughter can get a lesser sentence for killing someone than would be allowed for a heroin dealer under the bill. 

Rep. Joe Lopinto, R-Metairie, who handled the proposal in the House, described the measure as a compromise with Sen. Dan Claitor, R-Baton Rouge, who sought tougher penalties. “I don’t have a problem with the 50 years, but we compromise in this body every day,” Lopinto said. Claitor’s rewritten bill heads back to the Senate with a 54-33 vote of the House.

The Senate will consider whether to agree to the changes or send it to a legislative compromise committee.

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