Counterfeit money circulating in Kaplan

Kaplan police have a warning for local businesses; be on the lookout for counterfeit cash. Over the past couple of weeks fake twenties have ended up in many registers.

One business, Simon’s Northside, had someone try and pass off fake money over the past four consecutive days. ‘If we don’t catch the fake money during the transaction and take it to bank that comes out of our deposit and it’s a loss to us. So we need to get it out of the streets and out of our town” said Simon’s Northside store manager.

According to Mayor Champagne this kind of activity doesn’t happen often in his city. “We just wanted people in Kaplan to know we are trying to find out who’s producing them. Hopefully it’s just a passing thing and not something being created in Kaplan” Mayor Champagne said. Kaplan police have alerted federal authorities.

Kaplan police urge all business owners to use a counterfeit detector pen whenever possible. They are also urged to check over the bill carefully for any discrepancies. If it turns out to be counterfeit, businesses are asked to report it to police along with a description of the person attempting to pass it. They also want to remind the public this crime is considered a federal offense.

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