Cajun RVera brings in $110K, says Vincent

The Cajun RVera—RV park—in New Iberia had four opening delays.

In March, customers finally began rolling in. Karl Vincent manages the Cajun RVera, which is owned by the parish. He says taxpayers are already seeing a return on investment.

“I just looked at the numbers, yesterday, and we’ve taken in excess of $110,000 in the first fifteen camping days of the year,” says Vincent.  

Vincent says his plan with the parish included a 66 percent plus occupancy rate for all camping days—for four years. He says those are defined as days that campers would typically go out—weekends and holidays.

“We’re 12, 13 percent in camp site rentals of that four projection already, so we’re ahead of schedule,” says Vincent.

According to Vincent, the entire project cost upwards of $7.3 million. Loans aside, he says, the parish council approved a $5 million bond request from the state. The first payment is due June 1st.

“I just think that should be paid first to relieve the citizens of the parish, so they can know we are going to pay the bond note back,” says Vincent.

However, Vincent says, if the council pays for the bond upfront and asks for immediate re-payment on their loans; he says he will “follow their lead.”

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