Cutting edge technology reduces bacteria in hospitals

Sterilizing hospital rooms; it’s one of the most important aspects of ensuring patient care. It’s not an easy job either. But the staff at Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center in Lafayette is using a new weapon of defense. It’s called the Clean Trace System by 3M. After the room is cleaned, a swab of high touch areas is taken. That swab is then put inside the machine and within seconds a quantitative measurement is shown.

“When we originally opened the doors we set a threshold of about 500. We have since lowered that to about 300. If you see that number above 300 it alerts the nurse who then has to re-clean the room” said Terry Broussard with Lourdes.

Keeping that number below 300 lessens the chance a patient will develop an infection from any surface bacteria. When this technology was first introduced at Lourdes it was so new and cutting edge they made headlines on a national publication.

“In our world when we bring science and technology into environmental services it gives us that upper edge…gets us close to that zero micro-organism growth rate that we look at” said Broussard.

Since that technology was implemented at Lourdes, the cleanliness of rooms has consistently been higher and growth rates of micro-organisms have been lower.

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