Residential Burglaries solved in Broussard

On Thursday, May 15th, 2014 Broussard Police Officers were dispatched to 3 residential burglaries within a five hour timeframe.  Through the course of the investigations officers learned that various electronics and other personal items were taken during the burglaries.  During a canvass of the area for one of the first burglaries officers located a flat screen TV and an Xbox game system in a nearby wooded area which were later determined to be stolen from one of the residences.  Officers were able to develop leads on the possible suspects who were later located and detained. 

The two suspects, both juveniles, admitted to committing the 3 residential burglaries.  All of the stolen property was ultimately recovered and returned to the owners.  The other stolen property consisted of a Nintendo Wii game system, a laptop computer and a book sack, which the juveniles had in their possession at the time the officers located them. 

The juvenile suspects were arrested and booked in to Lafayette Parish Juvenile Correctional Center. 

The Broussard Police Department is dedicated to protecting our citizens and their property.  If anyone has any information on any criminal activity you are urged to call the Broussard Police Department at (337) 837-6259.

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