Port of Iberia dredging bill passed

The Port of Iberia is moving ahead with plans to dredge the port after the passage of a bill Thursday through the state legislature.

The plan to deepen the channel from 13-feet to 16-feet was originally authorized in 2007 by congress but was scrapped in 2009 due to the cost exceeding 400-million dollars. But with the passage of the Water Resources Development Act of 2014, the plan has been revived using new hydraulic dredging technology that lowers the cost from over 400-million dollars to 160-million dollars. The executive director of the Port of Iberia, Roy pontiff, explains how dredging the port will help them move towards the future.

“The industry is moving further out into the Gulf of Mexico which requires larger and larger structures to be fabricated at the port. We’re limited to the size of the structure because of the limitation of the water depth. With a depth of sixteen to twenty feet, we will remain competitive in future markets of much larger structures being fabricated at the port.””

Pontiff also says the project is expected to bring in an additional 125-million dollars annually to the port of Iberia along with 1500 new permanent jobs.

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