Want to go for a bike ride?

May is National Bike Month and this week, cyclists challenge people to ride their bikes to work. But it’s something not a lot of people feel safe doing. It can be dangerous riding around busy streets. On Thursday, a cyclist was hit by a car, suffering several injuries.

It’s not the average morning commute but for Jen Steele, an avid cyclist, two wheels gets her around faster than four. She even has the whole family on board, peddling her kids to school on a tandem bicycle.  It’s an all-in-one way to exercise, save money, and spend quality time without the stress of traffic.

“It really does put you in touch with what’s going on a little closer to home,” said Steele. “In a car, it’s a little easier to fiddle with the radio or god forbid, your phone.”

Steele is part of the local cyclist group Bike Lafayette and says in just a few years, she’s seen the Hub City become more and more bike friendly.

“The irony is, the more cyclists you have on the road, the safer it becomes. So, our goal (is) to get more people out there and try it so we can get that number of cyclists up,” said Steele.

When it comes to ditching the car keys for a bike lock, Steele says playing it safe is the only way to make the movement stick. And that means wearing helmets, reflectors, and finding a route that works.

“Use your common sense,” said Steele. “Behave like a vehicle on the road, be proactive and be lawful.”

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