Broken equipment at airport causes lines

A broken X-ray machine at the security checkpoint meant officials with the Transportation Security Administration had to go through passenger bags one by one. And that created a line that wrapped around the terminal at Lafayette Regional Airport.

It was an unusual sight for frequent fliers. “It usually doesn’t take long to get through security, but this line is taking forever,” said Brandon Alleman, who was headed to Chicago.  

“I’ve never had a problem in Lafayette. I was shocked when I came up here, but I knew something was wrong,” said Ken Spears, who arrived hours before his scheduled flight.  

Some travelers waited two hours in line trying to keep busy to pass the time.  

“Thank god Wi-Fi works,” said Tanya Feucht, who was also headed to Chicago. “So far, it’s just a long time to wait and hopefully we’ll make our connecting flight.” But not everyone had time to spare.

Local attorney, Joe Giglio, Jr. had a business meeting he couldn’t miss and wasn’t taking any chances. So instead of the skies, he hit the road. 
“While the flight was scheduled to get me there in plenty of time, I don’t have any confidence I’ll be able to get through the TSA line in time,” said Giglio.

“So, I’m just going to drive to Houston.” But security did their best to get passengers on departing flights ahead of the crowds to limit the number of missed connections. Despite the frustration, people seemed to have a sense of humor about it all, even clapping at times when the line moved up.

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